17th December 2011


Hear that?

The silence of the night.
The stillness of space.
Can you hear that?
It’s my heart beating your name.

Through the void of existence.
Still silence, still silence.
Can you hear that?
It’s the wind breathing for you.

Enclosed in the universe.
Though freedom is a lie.
Can you hear that?
It’s me and you. 

12th December 2011


Prima Uccidere

Seriously, someday I will totally somebody.

11th December 2011


How do you tell your relatives that you are an atheist?

Well see I’m having this problem, I’m an atheist and I don’t know how to tell it to my family. What should I do?

11th December 2011


Take it…

It’s all yours and yours alone.
It may have once gone astray
But now ‘tis back home.

I rue the day I left.
For it is a mistake that I should drift. 
Far away from your touch.
Far away from your sight.
But now I am back under your light.

My heart so yearns for your warmth at night.
And my hands beg for your warm touch.

I rue the day that I left
as much as I loved the day we met.

But I am back now.
With all I have.
With all I am.
'Til the day I die.
So take my heart it is yours alone.
Take me for I am yours alone.


Cheesy much? 

11th December 2011